One Hundred!

This is my one hundredth blog since I started in January!

What is special about one hundred? Why should I feel more satisfied at writing a hundred blogs, than, say, ninety-three? I suppose we mark off our accomplishments using artificial mileposts as a matter of motivation and of habit?

So, here is blog number one hundred, talking about being blog number one hundred… navel gazing I suppose.

I have enjoyed my new hobby, and the challenge of coming up with something to write about each day. No, that is not quite true… I always have something to write about.  Judging what is interesting and important enough to share is the challenge.

I could go back to my pen and notebook journal, calling mainly on my own resources and assuming privacy. But investigating topics and themes has been an interesting challenge. Because I have enjoyed doing it for its own sake, I will continue the computer scrapbook.  And I shall try to write more extensively about my own art, ideas and opinions.

This is what I posted on January 1:

This new blog is my 2012 creative venture, both scrapbook and journal, an attempt to record my interests and to reach out to kindred spirits who enjoy exploring similar issues and ideas. I invite you to share them with me, and add your own selections to the mix.

Thanks for dropping in.

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