Kim Graham visiting her troll

Usually you do not want trolls in your garden or on your blog! This is an exception! Believe it or not this enormous and intriguing sculpture was created by Kim Graham and her friends from recycled paper products! And she recorded the process for us to share. Visit her website here and her blog here to learn more. They are different, both worth reading. Wouldn’t it be fun to work on such a piece, or to know there is one nearby to visit with the grandkids!?

If you can find a little child to play with… or even if you can’t… go outside and hunt for some trolls. We’ve never found any, not even in the huge “Pooh tree” with the big holes in it that leans over the side of the escarpment. It was fun looking, and we did find some other wonderful things, including some amazing shelf mushrooms and a nest for turkey buzzards. Because the tree started at the bottom of the cliff and we were at the top, they were almost at eye level. Not pretty!

Someday I would like to find a tree that looks even a little like Kim’s troll, and… less improbable but still unlikely… find friends that combine her humour and her creativity!

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