Eating Chocolate Linked To Slimmer Bodies

GREAT NEWS! Just in time for Easter weekend!

Phone your friends… forward the blog… print this article and put it on the refrigerator door… download the images from the article and use one as a screen saver!

Read it here: eating chocolate is linked to slimmer bodies. And not only that, there are five, count them, five additional health benefits!

Therefore, I am planning to throw out all my previous chocolate superstitions:

1) that eating chocolate is a guilty pleasure best conducted in private; 2) that limiting myself to ONE chocolate treat is safe in terms of calories and proof of strong moral character; 3) that chocolate cheesecake is the treatment of choice for any emergency, but is addictive and must be used with extreme caution; 4) that chocolate milk may never be consumed by anyone over the age of eight, and then only at birthday parties; 5) that Breyer’s heavenly hash ice cream is the only viable argument for believing in an after life; 6) that the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate will keep me looking and feeling sexier than seventy; 7) that it is okay to buy a chocolate easter bunny if you promise to eat only the ears and to share the rest; 8) that it is more refreshing to drink a gin and tonic than a “brown cow” made with Kahlua because chocolate moustaches are unattractive; 9) that chocolate chip cookies are acceptable but chocolate chunk cookies are not; 10) that I may never eat nanaimo bars while they are still frozen.

With profound apologies to my friends who are diabetic!

My mother was, and her lifelong craving for chocolate was a burden not to be taken lightly.

Sorry, Mom!

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One Response to Eating Chocolate Linked To Slimmer Bodies

  1. FLP says:

    I don’t feel as happy when I am told that blueberries are good for our health. Bring on the chocolate.

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