The Hunger Games

I finally finished reading Arthur and George! I now know all the details about Doyle’s second wedding, to Jean, her gown, her attendants, the guest list. I have even seen the invitation! Sigh…

Now I can turn to The Lady in Gold and to the books my grand daughters just loaned me. I started The Hunger Games yesterday and can hardly put it down. I have heard of having a second childhood, but a second teenhood!?

The girls have never let me down with their recommendations; if you want to escape into a good book, ask a clever teenager who is an avid reader…  “YA” (young adult) fiction has never been better:  J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K.Rowlings,  Christopher Paolini, Philip Pullman, Stephenie Meyer, Cornelia Funke, Kristin Cashore, and now Suzanne Collins. This does not take into account the historical and fantasy fiction that is so popular as well.

My eleven year old grand daughter explained that THG is a dystopian story set in a post apocalyptic “civilization” and is very suspenseful but gives you lots to think about as well! Oh yes, and I must promise to read all three volumes as quickly as possible and return them soon, so that she and her sister can read them again! The movie opened this weekend .   Roger Ebert quoted another commentator as saying this is the best  American science fiction movie since The Matrix!   Here is his review.

Anne also loaned me her prized DVD of Hugo, with instructions to watch it at least twice and to guard it with my life.  Every grandmother should be so lucky!

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