Roots and Wings

Yesterday I went to Guelph for a meeting of the Canadian Embroidery Guild.  We were celebrating the conclusion of our year-long challenge to explore both our roots (traditional embroidery) and our wings (innovations in fiber art).

In September everyone was invited to keep some form of record or journal of this process, and yesterday afternoon we shared the results. What an absolute delight! The presentations were amazing, full of surprises, showcasing unique and diverse examples of what it is that makes needlework so interesting. Even knowing the depth and breadth of talent and creativity in our group, the organizers could not have predicted… or even hoped for… this sharing of personal art and personal stories!

“Roots and Wings” is a metaphor worth keeping in mind.  We need security and confidence before we can experiment and take risks. This probably applies to most areas in our lives. In my own experience, it has guided me in my personal and professional activities, with my children and in the classroom. It isn’t helpful to stay too long(roots) or leave too early (wings).

The theme “Roots and Wings” has guided our embroidery guild successfully through a year of trying new things, looking to both tradition and innovation, valuing both at its most extreme and at every step in between.

It has been a good learning experience.  It has been fun!

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