I almost did not use this as the image for my post about Barbara Ehrenreich and her wonderful book, Bright-Sided. After all, the predicate of the sentence is illegible, the thought is incomplete. Then it hit me… dummy… that is the whole point! No one can finish the sentence, let alone read it. Here in black and white we have the real story. All those “joyous” motivational posters and greeting cards are to be distrusted. Barbara Ehrenreich will help us see why. Bad joke… I couldn’t resist.

In Bright-Sided, Ehrenreich explains that unfounded or coerced expressions of happiness or optimism are dangerous. We are far better off when we recognize and express our true feelings and concerns, or when we face unpleasant truths in a logical and realistic fashion, than when we minimize or ignore them.

I am “reading” her book again, listening to the audio CD’s. There are a number of informative links available… if the name is new to you, give yourself a treat and look some of them up:

1. This is an excellent summary from The New York Times.

2. This is a segment from ABC news broadcast.

3. I particularly like this summary, which includes part of the introduction, an audio link, and a link to some interesting articles on the author’s personal blog.

4. This link will take you to an article from the author’s blog about whether women are getting sadder.

5. And no list about the bright side of life would be complete without this scandalously irreverent chorus from The Life of Brian, a 1975 film from Monty Python (movie trailer here). Be careful though, you may end up whistling or humming this song all day.

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