Aurora Borealis

There is so much going on that it is difficult to decide what to write about.

I have been following the controversy about contraception as it affects the US political scene. Congress, the Republican candidates, the media, the Roman Catholic church and many other churches, women’s groups, liberals and libertarians… everyone has a point of view and seems desperate to win the debate before the candidate is chosen and the country elects the next President.

CNN news this morning reported that the RC bishops have once again rejected Obama’s proposed compromise.

The advertisement last Friday in The New York Times was particularly inflammatory. I already wrote about that part of the story on March 10 in three blogs about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Did you see the ad?

But enough of that for now…  Get yourself another cup of coffee and just enjoy this article, Extreme photographer captures aurora borealisfrom The Washington Post. And then the astonishing photos… made without digital manipulation! The gallery is here.

I love my digital camera primarily because of the instant gratification… but also because I am such an inept photographer.  If I take lots and lots of pictures (no waiting and no developing costs) then crop and eliminate red-eye, I can usually “capture the moment,” at least to my own satisfaction.  This is despite the fact that there is an annoying delay on the shutter and what I actually see through the lens as I click is a few seconds ahead of the image captured.  Puppies, plants moving in a breeze, children playing… I take many shots, one after the other, and then delete those that are ever so slightly blurred. I probably need to upgrade my camera… technical obsolescence happens so quickly these days, but then I would have to learn a new system!

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