Niagara Falls and the Tunnel Project

Two views of Niagara Falls… it is much more than a beloved tourist attraction and the destination for an annual summer outing.

We are so fortunate in Ontario and upper New York State… we do not need to depend on nuclear energy! The people in Japan have no choice!

The Ontario Power Commission is planning ahead. There is a massive  construction project going on to build a tunnel under the river near the falls.  The power plants on either side of the river are already amazing.  On the Canadian side we have the massive Sir Adam Beck Power Plant. Across the border, driving from the Lewiston Bridge into the town, you skirt the Robert Moses Generating Station.

You can see the whole diagram sampled above, with explanations, here. This illustration appeared in The Spectator in early March last year when the tunnel broke through.  The rest of the story and some fascinating technical and historical data is on this site. It is really worth looking at!

We do not need to engage ourselves in the crippling nuclear fear reported again and again in the aftermath of the nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Here in southern Ontario we can enjoy the majesty of the roar and beauty of the falls while brilliant engineering, not behind the scenes, but under it, provides us with the hydro-electric power that drives our economy and makes possible the comfortable and secure lifestyle we take for granted.

Be grateful every time you slip into a hot bath, watch television, turn on your computer or sip hot coffee.  Clean, safe, efficient, and affordable electricity makes all our lives that much better!

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