Interrobang and Motley

I am celebrating Post #54. This morning I took new pictures of Motley and Interrobang.

Both Motley, our nine months old cockapoo, and my blog are named by a character from Shakespeare. Jacques is the “licensed fool” dressed in motley. Because he speaks as a comedian, in ironic riddles and satiric asides, he is permitted to speak the truth to power. He relishes this freedom…

Invest me in my motley; give me leave/ To speak my mind…
As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7

Interrobang is the silly little motley dragon I made several years ago. Interrobang is ferocious and fanciful and reminds me to be seriously light-hearted, to observe intently and speak forcefully, but without losing touch with the comic absurdity all around us. I also like dragons very much. I will explain why in a later blog.

I explained what an interrobang really is is in one of my earliest blogs.

For me it is also an important reminder of Interro for curiosity, bang for enthusiasm. Question, and exclaim! Think and speak out! As such it is the name of my motley dragon and a reminder that without curiosity and enthusiasm life would be much less interesting.

I hope that you have found the willingness to speak out, combined with curiosity and enthusiasm, in the pages of this blog! They are my three principal guidelines and objectives.

So here is a photo of my motley dragon getting rather the worst of it from my Motley puppy.

Interrobang and Motley

Interrobang and Motley

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