Cats and Dogs

I had heard the name, and when I saw a book by Dominick Dunne at the library, it jumped off the shelves.  The summary on the end flaps looked intriguing.  But it barely passed the 25 page taste test and didn’t make it to my usual generous 50.  The sample below is typical of his style.  I kid you not! Yet he had 7 books published and was a major writer at Vanity Fair for many years!  Celebrity and connections count far more than talent.

“When Gus Bailey was nine years old and growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, a city that he knew from the age of four would not be the city of his life, his aunt Harriet, a maiden lady who had once been a Catholic nun but quit the convent… a subject that fascinated him  although it was a subject that was never discussed in his family… took him out West on a summer trip. The first stop was Los Angeles. For Gus it was a breathtaking experience. He loved every second he was there.”

page 38  Another City, Not My Own.

And the picture? Do you remember being taught in grade school about “cat and dog sentences”?  But of course the cat and dog are supposed to be fighting, right!?  Today that would be stereotyping and politically incorrect.  I give you a better, more PC, image.

The book, alas, is going back, unread.

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