Okay, difficult or not, this is a topic I must speak out about!  It has come up so many times in the last few weeks that I can’t ignore it! Global overpopulation, and suffering and starvation beyond imagination. And how the topic is playing out in US political decision making.

1. It seemed that every time I turned on the television during the Christmas season there were appeals for donations to child support agencies… weeping starving children, with appealing eyes and shy smiles

Do they know it’s Christmas?  (that wonderful 1984  carol/anthem composed by Bob Geldof and performed by the elite of popular music) usually accompanied the heartbreaking visuals.  And I couldn’t get it out of my head.  This is the definitive Christmas song for me… not Jingle Bells or Silent Night or any of the others we were forced to hear every where we went.   And it was ironically juxtaposed, of course, with all the Christmas consumerism and sentimental nonesense. Ho,Ho, Ho! Send a few dollars to clear your conscience, and then go buy more useless junk!

2. Then there was an article in the Spectator about a middle-aged couple celebrating their one hundredth grandchild!  The mind boggles at the number of great-grandchildren they may live to see.  And a Google search tells me that they are not unique!

3. We sent our adorable little dog off to the vet’s, effectively taking it upon ourselves to cancel his fertility in the name of canine population control.

4. I researched Mother Teresa for a book group reading project and discovered that she used the platform of her Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech to rail against abortion and birth control.  Someone should have leapt to their feet and removed the award from her greedy clutches.  And see her again in Ireland earlier in the same video!

5. I had occasion to watch a couple of Monty Python videos during the holiday. Remember this?

6. I read the article about the systematic abortion of female fetuses practised  in China, which is illegal but widely practised.  If a government attempt to limit fertility can go so badly wrong, what are the options for an overcrowded world in which the dissemination of condoms is illegal or condemned, in which people are ignorant of their rights and the means to control their fertility, in which religious individuals believe it is not only their right but their sacred duty to have as many children as possible!?  The fault is not with the laudable  attempt to limit birth rates in China, but in the idiotic idea that females are less valuable to their family and society!

7.This is good news about the Obama administration.  We will have to wait and see how it will be used against him!  Employers will be forced to offer free contraception in their healthcare plans, it was announced yesterday. (Jan 21, 2012)  Religious organisations had been pushing for exemption from the ruling, but the Obama administration has said they will be allowed just a one-year delay in implementing the policy.

8. I  found  this three page article online while I was looking at statistics about very large families…  an ugly rant to be sure… but thought provoking…

9…. especially as the evangelical right wing of  the Republican Party and the media preachers who apparently speak to them and on their behalf, continue to try to influence and control government policies that affect social policies and medical services.  Family values… their values… for every family. See this article about Mitt Romney.

10 .Zero population growth.  Do the math!

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