Tempus Fugit

Despite an abundance of provocative starting points, I have not blogged for the last few days.  My husband and son have had the flu, and I have been caught up in several reading and sewing projects. Also, next week at the Canadian Embroidery Guild , Guelph, I will be teaching Notan as a design tool, and it has been great fun developing a series of examples.


I wanted to blog about the Costa Concordia ship wreck, and may come back to that another time. Then there was the shocking death of Sarah Burke which provided lots of food for thought. And the blackout of Wikepedia for 24 hours to protest the pending bill on internet piracy that would infringe on freedom of speech, and access to information. Yesterday I went to see The Enchanted Island, the new Metropolitan Opera premiere production on the big screen at our local cinema.  Unbelievable!

I have been listening to A Tale of Two Cities on a “playaway” cassette from the local library.  I taught it many times and know it well, but it is as fresh and delightful as ever.  It is too bad that Dickens and Hardy are now so undervalued!  Their characters are wonderful and although long passages of description are no longer in style, any reader with keen visual imagination  enjoys being immersed in a carefully developed setting. The Dickens bicentennial is next month, and I hope to reread  Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, and Bleak House as well. (I can no longer stand A Christmas Carol; it has been ruined by Hollywood and overexposure!)

I finished An Unquenchable Thirst, by Mary Johnson, for book club. I found it a troubling choice. (Watch the three part video Christopher Hitchens made about Mother Teresa for the BBC. It is on YouTube, but I can’t figure out how to create a link.)    It will be interesting to see how the discussion unfolds with friends whose sole contact with convent life and the issues around the Missionaries of Charity are those  arising from the book.

But most exciting, I have just finished reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog, which I will share with you if I have time later this evening.

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  1. FP says:

    Keep on Your followers are out there lurking and reading.


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