The Golden Globes

Did you watch any of The Golden Globes the other night?  I did not, having minimal interest in the who’s who of film media.

I do like to see the red carpet gowns, however.

Here is a gallery of the “best.”  Are these women enjoying themselves, I wonder!?  How long did they spend getting ready? How much is the dress worth, and do they rent them or own them?

Is this phoniness at its most glamorous, or glamour at its phoniest, paraded before a bemused audience of fashion victims and the fashion challenged?

The news after the event in also interesting.

Backstage commentary included some hard remarks about the anti-gay protests outside the hotel that then reverberated around the Internet Monday.

Canadian actor Christopher Plummer, who had just won best supporting actor for his role as a gay man coming out in his seventies in Beginners, told the assembled press that, “Gay characters are human beings. We are all exactly the same, and the reason I played it the way I did was because you don’t go around pretending to mince and to be a caricature of a gay. Gays are part of our society and have been since the Egyptians, the Greeks; it is part of the human condition. I know there’s an awful lot of anti-gay feeling right now, particularly at this moment, and I abhor it.”

Meanwhile an article in to-day’s Spectator reports the reaction to pending government legislation to reduce bullying and promote understanding… of all groups… in our communities.

Don’t expect to find any gay-straight alliances in the city’s Catholic schools — at least, not any groups that go by that name.

“We commend any initiatives and efforts to reduce bullying,” said Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board chair Pat Daly. “But would we have clubs in our schools called ‘gay-straight alliances?’ No.”

I feel so sorry for the young people who are at best ignored, at worst harrassed.  All the schools owe them more dignity and support. And we need more people like Christopher Plummer to use their celebrity and access to the press to speak out on their behalf.

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2 Responses to The Golden Globes

  1. Catherine says:

    One thing people seem to forget when they talk about the separate school refusal to have gay-straight alliances is that this is our tax money, all of ours, which is funding intolerance.

  2. motleydragon says:

    Yes! Every time I drive past one of the palatial new separate high schools, I feel angry at the unfairness of the dual system.
    Check out this link…–gay-straight-alliance-position-is-wrong This is Howard Elliott’s very persuasive editorial in to-day’s Spectator in which he argues that the separate school response is wrong for two reasons.

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