Bad Music in Public Spaces

It is safe, at least for a while, to shop at the mall again. The ear-splitting, mind-numbing Christmas “music” has been put away until next Hallowe’en.  The awful sound scape is still there, still inescapable. But at least we aren’t submitted to those awful jazz and rock covers of carols and old favourites.

But be careful which restaurants and food courts you choose… do you really want to TALK to your companion?  And any business establishment that thinks they want to encourage a younger clientele is just driving my friends and me away.  Last week at the dentist’s waiting room both the television and a radio station were blaring.  For once I was glad to be called to the treatment room, only to find a third choice… golden oldies, blaring.  Oh, just let me hear the damn drill!

I look forward to the time when no one ventures in to public space without being wired with their own music.  We may be conversing in sign language because every one  is either deaf or in their own sonic universe;  but ambient noise will be redundant, the sound scape can be turned off, and there will be no fear of golden oldies driving away customers who prefer rap.

And I will be able to shop in silence!  Read on…Bad Music in Public Spaces

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3 Responses to Bad Music in Public Spaces

  1. FLP says:

    I am glad there aren’t Valentine’s Day songs to follow us as we shop. That goes for Hallowe’en as well.

  2. Curmudgeon Bludgeon says:

    Ah yes, the annual Christmans Cacophony. (I’m not sure which is worse, the caco or the phony.)

    But really, self-imposed deafness is not the only answer. You can always sing along. Loudly. Preferably out of tune. Humming the parts where you don’t know the words. And air-guitaring your way through the solos.

    If enough cranky old curmudgeons did it together, the stores would have no choice but to start paying attention. Either you turn the music off . . . or I keep singing.

    Go ahead. Arrest me. I dare you.

    • motleydragon says:

      You have given us all a great idea.
      We can organize flash mob choral events at the mall. It doesn’t matter that we won’t know what will be on the program. If you are trying to drown out bad music, you have to be really bad, and really loud, yourself.
      Imagine if they BANNED music in the malls!?

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