Reality programming

Every time I turn on the television, there seems to be a contest.  Who is the best cook, the worst cook, can this restaurant be saved?  Which house will these people choose?  Which is the best storage locker, the worst hoarder, the chosen wedding dress?  Who can eat the biggest enchilada, or be the most pathetic subject of “intervention”?  And don’t get me started on Toddlers and Tiaras or The Biggest Loser!  The religious programming drives me to screaming and tearing out my hair. So let’s look at some ethnic programming or watch some Much Music videos. Judge Judy?  Is there a game on? I would rather watch paint drying on the decorating channels.


We are paying for all these channels that we don’t want and never watch, so that my husband has access to news and discussion programs… the in-depth coverage and “informed debate”…  that is now being monpolized by the Presidential primaries.    If it weren’t so desperately important, if the outcome was not potentially so tragic, it could actually be amusing … in a sick, ironic way. We watch fascinated as the political process limps along and candidate after candidate self-destructs. Whatever the consequences, this is REALITY programming at its most real and most important.   To use a sports analogy, the playoffs are more exciting than the championship game  can ever be.  This is the real contest!  And I am not optimistic about the outcome.

The last Economist cover for 2011 sums it up brilliantly.  Satire is still alive and well.

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