The house is quiet this morning.  Motley is at the vet’s for his operation.  My little granddaughter, when she learned why our previous dog could not provide a puppy for her, objected to the use of the word “fixed”.  She thought that “broken” was a better expression.  But Motley will not be “broken” so much, I hope, as freed.  Freed from the temptations and frustrations of a horny hound in a world where unwanted puppies all too often must be put down for lack of loving homes.  We don’t want our Motley to a deadbeat dad!  He’ll be a happier pet without the constant tug of instinct driving him to distraction, and without any unmet parental responsibilites on his conscience.

Or ours.

On a vastly overpopulated world, the management of ferility, in all its aspects, is just too important!

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